Machine Feature

  • Angular type/Plunge type grinding.
  • The highest grinding speed can reach 60M/s.
  • High rigidity structure, to make sure the best grinding stability.
  • Circularity reach 0.8µm.
  • X,Z axis structure is V type and planar type hard track.
  • This machine equip FANUC Oi-TF Plus controller.
  • Equip acoustics monitoring system,to monitoring grinding quality.
  • Multiple type of automatic loading and unloading. (option installation)
  • Tailstock have air buoyance, can adjust more quick and easy.
  • Online measure system. (option installation)
  • Thread grinding and non-circular grinding. (option installation)
  • Wheel balancers to output grinding wheel’s state. (option installation)

Machine Spectification

Typ GO-354 GO-356
Distance Between Centers 400mm 650mm
Workpiece Length 400mm 650mm
Center Heigh 175mm 175 mm
Max. Workpiece Weight 80 kg 80 kg
Longitudinal Axis : X axi    
Max. Travel 250 mm 250 mm
Speed 0.001-10000mm/min 0.001-10000mm/min
Cross Axis: Z axis    
Max. Travel 620mm 880mm
Speed 0.001-10000mm/min 0.001-10000mm/min
Wheel Head    
Max. Spindle Power 7.5KW/12KW 7.5KW/12KW
Wheel Dimensio 510×60/80×203 mm 510×60/80×203 mm
Wheel Linear Velocity 50-60M/s 50-60M/s
Revolve Speed Range 1-1000 RPM 1-1000 RPM
Max. Spindle Power 1.2KW(FANUC) 1.2KW(FANUC)
Speed Reduction Ratio 1:3 1:3
Grinding Circularity < 0.8 µm < 0.8 µm
Center Taper MT4 MT4(STD) MT5(options)
Center Taper MT3(STD)MT4(options) MT4
Max. Sleeve Travel 35mm(1.37") 35mm(1.37")
Sleeve Diameter 50mm 50mm
Taper Fine Tuning Travel ±20µm ±20µm
Control System FANUC 0i-TF Plus FANUC 0i-TF Plus

Industry of Application

  • Part of Machine Spindle

  • Vehicle Transmitting Gear

  • Mold Manufacturing

  • Medical Instrument

  • Aerospace Industry

Multifaceted Processing, Once and For All

Take controller special software of design,to grinding complex workpiece and multifaceted processing can do once for all.
Make sure of high efficiency and high degree of precision,both lower the cost of manufacturing.

Machine Measurement

GO-356 CNC Cylindrical Grinding Machines Measurement
*Drawing Unit : mm