Mechanical Features:

  • Standard equipped with an embedded spindle, with a wide range of applicable speeds and higher cutting ratios, to achieve maximum grinding efficiency.
  • Internal diameter, external diameter, end face, and inclined surface grinding can be completed in one step.
  • X, Y, Z axes are all equipped with high-precision linear guides.
  • Dual grinding wheel spindle structure, demonstrating high-efficiency internal/external diameter grinding.
  • Base designed with the user in mind, featuring a semi-circular design to reduce space wastage, along with a thick,stable, and high-rigidity machine body structure to ensure optimal grinding stability.
  • Equipped with FANUC 0i-TF CNC controller.
  • Multi-surface grinding requires only one clamping of the workpiece.
  • Non-circular grinding function (optional).
  • Fully enclosed guard.
  • B-axis combined with a ring optical encoder, achieving optimal precision in rotational positioning.

Machine Specifications

CATEORGY GJ-412-500 GJ-412-1000
Maximum Workpiece Diameter Ø 450 mm
Workhead Revolve Speed 0 ~ 1,000 rpm
Spindle Plane Manual Angle Adjust (B Axis) 0˚ ~ 15˚
ID Processing Scope 0 ~ 300 mm
Maximum Grinding Outer Diameter Range ¢360 mm
Maximum Grinding Length ¢300 mm
Maximum Workpiece Length 1,000 mm
Maximum Number of Faces Processed in One Cycle 8
Load Capacity of Workpiece 120 KG
Maximum Travel of X-axis 550 mm
Maximum Travel of Y-axis 375 mm
Maximum Travel of Z-axis 375 mm
X-axis Travel Speed 0 ~ 10,000 mm/min
Y-axis Travel Speed 0 ~ 10,000 mm/min
Z-axis Travel Speed 0 ~ 10,000 mm/min
Minimum Travel Unit of X-axis 0.0001 mm
Minimum Travel Speed of Y-axis 0.0001 mm
Minimum Travel Unit of Z-axis 0.0001 mm
Spindle Motor for X-axis Clamp Servo Motor 1.2KW
Power Demand 20 kW
Mechanical Dimensions 2754*3289*1978 mm
Machine Net Weight 9,500 Kg

Machine Measurement

GJ-412 Series CNC ID OD Grinder Measurement
* Drawing Unit : mm